Educating Children

Transforming Communities


Jacaranda Foundation is a 501(c)3 registered charity that provides orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi with comprehensive education and care to become self-reliant, productive and healthy members of their communities.
With the knowledge that extended families and the community are the best support for orphans and vulnerable children, we also have initiatives to strengthen our students’ families and the surrounding community.


Our Impact

Jacaranda Foundation provides free quality education and comprehensive care to over 400 orphans and vulnerable children

408 children are enrolled at the Jacaranda Primary and Secondary School for Orphans

44 students are obtaining university scholarships

Many students are gaining vocational skills through our training programs


Through our library and literacy outreach programs, we reach an additional 28,000 local public school children with our six public school libraries and our public hospital library and 1,100 community members at our three community libraries.
According to our 2016 Evaluation report, the Jacaranda School has better educational outcomes and better school infrastructure compared to a similar regional public school.
Read about the need for our work, our breadth of services, and the impact of our school on our students’ lives.