At the Jacaranda School we encourage volunteers from abroad to help us with specific projects. We have found that this is a wonderful way to create mutually beneficial connections. Volunteers get the opportunity to use their skills in a meaningful project and our school benefits from both the implemented project and from the engagement with our amazing volunteers.

The way it works is as follows:

Step 1: In partnership with Jacaranda’s Executive Director, volunteers to decide on a high priority, impactful project that can be implemented at the Jacaranda School for Orphans.

Step 2: Volunteers raise funds in their schools, universities or through their friends and families.

Step 3: Volunteers travel to Malawi where they implement their project at the Jacaranda School.

Past volunteers have found this to be an incredibly rewarding experience. On our end, the projects that have been implemented have made a huge difference for our students, teachers and staff members.

Past projects include:

  • Building a basketball court: Three students from Europe raised funds needed to build a basketball court and came to the Jacaranda School to launch the project. Students at Jacaranda use this basketball court daily, at recess, after school, and for sports enrichment classes.
  • Installing a well and a solar-powered pump: A volunteer from the UK raised funds needed to install well for drinking water and a solar powered pump. Our children now have access to drinking water and they also use the water for washing their hands, cleaning classrooms and watering the school gardens.
  • Building a greenhouse: An American teacher, in partnership with Jacaranda’s agriculture teacher and a group of our students, built a greenhouse for agriculture classes. Our students now use the greenhouse to grow crops at Jacaranda.  

Volunteer Program Guidelines:

We love our volunteers. To make sure that the projects are successful and the partnership is mutually beneficial, we have provided the following guidelines:

  • Volunteers must be 18 years old or older and have proof of health insurance.

  • Volunteer teenagers under 18 years old are welcome at Jacaranda School, but teens must be accompanied by a responsible adult who will be in charge of them for the duration of their stay.

  • Volunteers need to arrange and pay for their accommodation, transport and living expenses in Malawi. We have a few rooms available on the school grounds. If the rooms are not available, affordable lodges (around $15 a night) are located a walking distance from our school.

Prior to their arrival volunteers must:

  • Work with the Executive Director to decide on a project that is a high priority for the Jacaranda School, is feasible to fundraise for, can be implemented within a reasonable timeframe, and can be easily maintained.

  • Organize fundraising activities during the months before coming to Jacaranda School to raise funds for the projects they will implement in Malawi. We suggest a goal of $3,000.00 per volunteer for their project (this excludes travel and lodging expenses), but this may vary depending on the project scope.

  • Plan travel dates that align with the school’s calendar.

  • Sign a Volunteer Program Policy Agreement with the Jacaranda School prior to arriving in Malawi.

Please contact us here for more details, ideas of projects needed at Jacaranda School, and examples of successful fundraising projects.