The Jacaranda School serves 400 students, 98% of whom are orphans due to HIV.

Through our library and literacy outreach programs, we extend our touch to an additional 5,050 children at nearby public schools and 420 members of our two community libraries. 

Our vocational school, which will be completed next year, will accommodate 200 students per year and our preschool will teach 90 students. 

Jacaranda’s approach to comprehensive education and care changes children’s lives. It gives them the skills, support and resilience to enter university, vocational schools, or the workforce. Jacaranda alumni have the strength and capacity to give back to their school and community.


The Jacaranda Foundation supports a culture of learning and improvement. We do our best to document best practices, monitor and evaluate our progress, and share our accomplishments with like-minded organizations and individuals.

Take a look at the following sections to see how we adhere to best practices, what we have accomplished, and learn about our inspiring students.