Who We Are


We educate and care for the most vulnerable children in Malawi and support their families and the local community.   

We provide quality free primary, secondary, and vocational education, university scholarships, and integrated orphan care, with a spirit of self-reliance, generosity, love and compassion.

Our Impact

We provide comprehensive care and education to 400 students.

Through our library and literacy outreach programs, we extend our touch to an additional 5,470 children and adults in the surrounding community.

Help Support Our Work



The Jacaranda Foundation, a 501(c)3 registered charity, provides orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi with comprehensive education and care to become self-reliant, productive and healthy members of their communities. The Jacaranda Foundation also serves communities and families to improve the lives of the children of Malawi.


We believe that every orphan, if given the right tools, can achieve his or her dreams.

Working in collaboration with those who share our vision, we know we can accomplish this ambitious goal.