97.5% pass rate for our Grade 8 children

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Jacaranda Primary School for Orphans scored a 97.5% pass rate at PSLCE results - Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education - the national exams Grade 8 children take in order to graduate from primary school. Depending on their results, learners can then be selected in government secondary schools in Malawi. 39 out of our 40 students passed. One was selected to Lilongwe Girls Secondary School, a national secondary school, one of Malawi’s best institutions - 15 others were selected to Bangwe Secondary School - and 13 to Chigumula Community Day Secondary School. Congratulations to our students and to our headmistress Mrs Fibi Mawere and her team of teachers. First time in our history so many of our children have been selected. Most of the children and their families have chosen to stay at Jacaranda Secondary School, where they will continue to benefit from entirely free high quality education, daily nutrition, medical care, arts enrichment programs and more.

Luc Deschamps